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Natural Stone Patios

Since 1994

Make a natural stone patio the foundation of your landscape design

Why choose Stone as your patio source?

Typically we like to tie our hardscape designs together with a natural stone patio. A stone patio will bring your outdoor kitchen, water feature, outdoor fireplace or fire-pit and the surrounding landscape together into one big piece. A stone patio brings all of these favorite things just footsteps away from your backdoor.


  • Immediately adds value to your home
  • Provides additional usable space
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Can provide a natural drainage solution
  • Patio that will last as long as your home


Embrace the elegance of an outdoor fireplace in your own backyard

Fire is an ageless beauty, and with an outdoor fireplace or fire-pit you will be harnessing that beauty in your own backyard. Experience more quality family time sitting around your custom designed fire-pit or fireplace.

  • Create the centerpiece of your backyard get-away
  • Enjoy a cozy fire at your leisure
  • Contained fires are safe fires
  • Experience the sweet smell of natural wood burning anytime

We Believe in Quality

A custom designed outdoor fireplace or fire-pit will provide a spectacular focal point for your outdoor living space. Your family and friends will enjoy gatherings in this warm and inviting entertainment area any time of the year. Lone Star Patio North Texas will design and install outdoor fireplaces, fire-pits and seating walls to complete your individualized backyard retreat.

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